Frequently Asked

We’ve compiled a list of our users most frequently asked questions. Have more? We’d love to help. 


“TeamMates” are verified and background checked through our customer support with assistance from an online service named Certn. Certn is an established company that builds smarter hiring solutions for businesses across a number of industries such as HandyMate.

Cancellation may occur anytime before the “TeamMate” sets his or her status to “on the way”. Within the app you can check your orders with the “TeamMate” and choose to cancel the booking. If you cancel after the “TeamMate” has set his or her status to “on the way” then a cancelation fee will be charged. 

Following the completion of a job, your “TeamMate” will send you an invoice and you will be prompted for your payment information. All payments are cashless and processed through a service provider named Stripe that handles payments for other reputable businesses such as Uber and Lyft. HandyMate accepts all major credit and debit cards. 

“TeamMates” come from a variety of backgrounds and work experience. They are independent contractors who work for themselves and are not employed by HandyMate. “TeamMates” are not licensed professionals. HandyMate does not offer licensed professional services.

The HandyMate app offers a safe platform through which contractor services and clients can interact without exchanging personal information. 


Since HandyMate operates as a marketplace we are not responsible for ensuring that “TeamMates” are insured for the work that they fulfill for clients. Various types of work require personal liability insurance and we strongly recommend that if you are interested in participating in the gig-economy that you insure yourself for the services you are providing. “TeamMates” are fully liable for the work they do for users of the application and insurance is the best way to protect yourself against mistakes and mishaps.

There are certain requirements that must be met in order to sign up as a “TeamMate”. You must be at least 19 years of age, be legally allowed to work in Canada. You must also provide a government issued ID, have a Canadian bank account with a financial institution and lastly be the owner of a smartphone in order to download the TeamMate application. 

Becoming a “TeamMate” is very simple ensuring you follow the steps provided. You must download the TeamMate app and set up your profile. To complete the profile you will be required to include a picture of yourself, basic information, and proof of identity. After you have completed your profile our team will verify your profile and you will be ready to begin accepting jobs.

HandyMate conducts advertising for the marketplace itself which will drive traffic to contractor profiles. As a TeamMate, you can self-promote your profile to help drive more traffic to your service directly and handle all business through the application. 

A 15% service fee is charged on all transactions. This fee runs our support team, cashless payments, and develops and modernizes our customer support system. 

As a service provider, you as a “TeamMate” are liable for all work conducted through the HandyMate marketplace. Please refer to our comprehensive Terms and Conditions to fully acquaint yourself with your potential liability as a service provider.



HandyMate wants to ensure you have all the information and resources you need to make our platform as easy and enjoyable as possible.